Our Patrons are highly valued supporters of the Gallery whose generosity directly supports our future plans and programming. There are different levels at which you can become a Patron and embark on a journey of discovery with the Anticlone Gallery.

As a newly formed, independent gallery, your donation will help us continue to host, showcase and platform artists. As It is a nomad in spirit, and independently self-funded, designed and created solely by Founder Sade English. Your contributions will fundamentally transfer and enable the online presence to transfer to physical exhibitions.


By becoming a Patron to Anticlone, you will provide vital support towards physical exhibitions which encourages and promotes exclusivity, of  Anticlone artists , some starting their art careers and some on their never ending journey, Anticloine's both online and physical exhibitions continue to blur the lines between emerging and established artists. No matter how small or big a contirbution is by our patrons, the contribution both supports and continues to enables all art to be seen, promoting continuous exchanges and encounters with both the public and art collectors. 


Continue to enable Anticlone to expand our celebrated exclusive and inclusive collections of Artists worldwide. Blurring the lines between established and Emerging Artists I intend to use all contributions to support three key factors in order creating physical exhibitions, events which is inclusive of the local communities and beginning commissions from both Anticlone Artis's as well as external Artists. 

With your help, we can continue our aim to make art open to everyone, everywhere.


 Anticlone is a concept that has evolved and transitioned to become a movement, concept, and gallery. Anticlone Gallery, Is is a conceptual gallery, which holds an unparalleled selection of unique, non conformist Artists and Creatives. Anticlone Gallery  introduces a unique new realm and space to

learn, buy and discover Anticlone Artists whilst witnessing and being apart of the evolution of contemporary art and design that is Anticlone


Anticlone Gallery give access to exclusive interviews, Artists and Art works in special curated collections released works monthly. Works are also able to be Accessed and be on Loan Art rentals. To have temporary access to selected pieces of Art, this is a service Anticlone Gallery provides.

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"Stressing the importance and value of true expression, without conforming to both industry and society's titles of 'Established vs Emerging'

Artist is not the focus.

ANTICLONE GALLERY removes and blurs this terminology altogether, enabling the viewer or collector to appreciate Art for what it truly is and always has been, 


Sade English

Project 13

(Photograph: Anticlone Gallery, Soho Square.