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Curated By Sade English

May 06 - July 28th 2021, The Response

Against the backdrop of global change and a displaced reality, the rapid shift across the online landscape symbolises a time of collective anticipation for instant digital exchanges. 'The Response' is Anticlone Gallery's exploration of the current state of being and thinking—the process of adapting to a virtual future provides a new pathway for accessing art and culture in a democratised form. Seeking alternatives and discovering inspiration in the unknown is central, as 'The Response' brings together an international group of multidisciplinary artists whose abstract and conceptual works are an acute reaction to pure emotions.


With Anticlone Gallery celebrating its first virtual exhibition, it takes on the challenge of displaying a new visual language while showcasing the evolution of abstract art in 2021. Staged in a minimalist setting, the light yet industrial space commands complete attention. All of the selected works fall within the palette of red and black, focusing on paintings, prints and mixed mediums on canvases. With red and black embodying the varying states of alarm, danger and love, each artist dissects these universal emotions uniquely.

As a portal into a new reality, 'The Response' highlights how technology changes the way we interact with the world, existing both as a glorious new dawn and a development fraught with tension. With global conversations circling the pandemic, economic precarity and social upheaval, it is an opportunity to expand the dialogue, underscoring how processing positive and negative moments impact the mind.

All Anticlone artists works leverage the power of immersive technology by pushing the boundaries of visual perception. Considering the transformation of form and materiality on a digital platform, questioning traditional ways of curating art expands the possibilities of representation and storytelling.


At its core, Anticlone Gallery operates as a dynamic creative space, celebrating the essence of non- conformity. As a creative home, it warmly welcomes a family of artists driven by pure spirit and innovation. Taking the helm as Founder and Creative Director, Sade English curates a harmonious cohesion in 'The Response' by seamlessly connecting every artist's origin story, acting as a bridge between the past, present and future.


Anticlone Artists Included

Alejandra Jaimes, Conrad Armstrong, Elika Bo, Emily Moore, George Kanis, Jo Cope, Othello De'Souza- Hartley, Parma Ham, Robert Mateusz Marciniak, Sade English (Founder), Tia Yoon

Architectural Design and Curation by Sade English

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