Emily Moore

Emily Moore's work embodies a self curated concept and narration titled "Wildness", this is consistent within all of her works in both her Contemporary Painting and Installation. Emily's works symbolises individually and collectively together strength, life experience, emotion and identity which all consist of layers of multiple explorations of Wildness.

This explorative sense of wildness can be seen within all aspects of the Emily's works, specifically within the Artist's studio. The Artists studio is key in Emilys exploration of her practise. Emily often speaks in depth on her connection with her space, and why its importance is so pure to her craft:


"It's beauty is seen through the complexities of the unknown. The unsystematic, rural, ruggedness of a space that is hidden in the uncertainties of what you might find." - Emily Moore.


Emily Moore

Two Chairs Two Lovers

 — A Contempoary Love letter between Malevich and Myself


Emily Moore's approach within their practice suggests the state of contemporary painting through the lens of art history and its current context within the immediate conversations surrounding painting and conceptual visual Art. Emily is both an Artist and Curator, having a clear vision and understanding of space, art and expression is apparent within her works as well as her curation,


In her most recent show in 2020 of which she curated and exhibition titled Snapshot which took place in the Hockney Gallery at the Royal College of Art in February 2020.  The Show had over 100 pieces submitted, by the current student body and staff from the Painting department at the Royal college of Art.  The group show embodied the idea of visual language in 2020 being a nucleus of extended ideas, philosophies, lived experiences, systems that all cross pollinate one another whilst coexisting and thriving. 


Emily Moore

Two Chairs Two Lovers

— A Contempoary Love letter between Malevich and Myself


"With the ability to do both automatically gives Emily a true and clear understanding of both the works installed as well as the viewers journey within the Exhibitions space. Space is crucial to Emily's work, whether it is her own surrenders creating as an Artists or whether it is within a Gallery, it is clear the space speaks as much history and volume as the work installed...


It is instantly noticeable to the audience viewing Emily's works from Paintings to installations that her approach to her works is similar to that of natural untamed landscape. She is free in expression therefroe All of her works has a story, that speaks a new narration for each viewer. There is no correct nor wrong way of looking at it, which is the beauty of Emily Moores unique and un-cloanable artistry." - Sade English 

Emily Moore's work takes form through brush and paint to canvas; other times it is through yarn and weaving, or installation, play and performance. All is rooted in the notion exploration. One thing that is guaranteed is that there is no set pattern of actions in Emily's studio.


Untitled self- portrait 10

— Let my people go Series 2


Everything is intuitive and bucks the system of the previous moves, or the surrounding current body of work . This can be physically felt and visually seen when you enter my studio through the vast array of materials and mediums that I explore in my practice. For me the studio often holds the idea of potential without a clear and fixed articulation of it.  There is an idea and a residue of process that gives form to the possibility of an object, place or structure.  


Overall this his has a feeling of aliveness–wildness–a changeable nature where a work grows and develops both its form and function. Craft as an underlying language or unwritten voice of community that itself evolves through the act of making and passing on of skills–this is part of Emily's ethos. This thought is very much entrenched in Emily's experience as the Daughter of a French polisher whose speciality is the restoration of Antique furniture.


The language from Antiquities has helped to form part of the foundation to Emily's visual language. Helping to inform her knowledge and relationship to Art within its different periods in time, but also seeing and understating its position and relationship to today. 


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