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Krissie Marie Heliodore

Krissie Marie Heliodore is a multi-disciplinary artist, knitwear designer and Curatorial Assistant to Founding Director Sade English. Showcasing a methodology within her practise , Krissie is meticulous and specific with everything she does.


Beginning with textile, the layers are multidisciplinary literally, through her design process which includes watercolours, as her foundation material, which generates mood, feeling and translates clearly to her knitwear design which now translates to her newest materials polymorth, puff binder and thermoplastic.



Krissie Marie Heliodore

Untitled 01, Seen at Anticlone Takeover II

Polymorth, Puff, Acrylic 2022/23

The feeling stems from her foundation of expression, where she explores and therapeutically explores her personal inter-generation traumas within her family as well as exploring mental health as one of other topics.



Krissie through the years has discovered ways in which to process and represent transformative physical diseases and organisms through textiles, and now with these sculptures which Founding Director Sade English was extremely keen on platforming to the public, within her first group show with Anticlone Takeover II, which showed at Newington Green Meetinghouse, January 2023.

Herpersonal work is about inversion and the city. His practice always involves the building and demolition of layers — both material and metaphysical — through thoughtful and violent processes.



Krissie Marie Heliodore

Krissie Marie Heliodore

Anticlone Takeover II

Seen at Newington Green House


Krissie mythology is a personal rediscovery, through sculpting and creating mouldable sculptures and textiles that mimic biological organisms. With her creative practise Krissie is able to face her trauma by bringing it to surface as a digestive tool for healing. Utilising unique fabrics and many mediums Krissie generates a sense of otherworldliness and reinvents ideas of Utopianism. 

Krissie's heritage and ancestral history inspires and influences her works heaviliy. The artist makes it clear that Inter-generational trauma is a condition that binds together and transmigrates into textile fabrication and world-building where the beauty will remain.


Krissie Marie Heliodore

Untitled 2, Anticlone Gallery Takeover II 


"As a Black-British Caribbean artist, I believe that society often places black people within a victimhood rhetoric: our stories are predictable and mournful. I hope to address this through world-building and realm in which I can regenerate new perspectives., drawing from aspects of black history, story telling documentation, digitial image and making SFX makeup" - Krissie Marie Heliodore.


Krissie Marie Heliodore

Untitled 03, Anticlone Gallery Takeover II 


" As I have watched Krissie over the past years, I have seen an Artist grow authentically in their own time, Krissie is the true  definition of shameless self exploration through their work. The process of looking inwards and then transferring this onto their choice of canvas, whether that be a knitwear design, installation or sculpture; each works is a form of story telling, giving the viewer a vulnerable insight to her truth...


Krissie Marie Heliodore

Untitled Series, Anticlone Gallery Takeover II 


The black body and 'the black artist' is often looked upon and narrated by the Arts industry by others that do not understand and are dissociated with the lived experience. Krissie reclaims her works and story as her truth via sharing and narrating her story through her own words, and artistry. Not conforming naturally by addressing her inter-generation traumas she is living proof  of change and evolution. Krissie not conforming to stereotypes of what is expected of an artist first, and a black-brutish artist second. I am excited and curious to see what comes next, and proud to have her as my right hand at Anticlone , as well as now representing her works" - Sade English

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