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Hand-built from stoneware and meticulously glazed sculpted vase is created exclusively for The Anticlone Gallery.


Measurements: h:320 mm x w: 170 mm , Signed at the bottom by the artist. 1 OF 1


Each vase is handcrafted in Athens, using hand-built techniques awarding a unique finish to every piece. The stoneware body is glazed with textured black engobe and glazed with transparent gloss, both, inside and outside.


Care: wash with lukewarm water with soap and air dry. Do not scrub. Please regularly change vase’s water if used to be filled with flowers.



Home Wrecker: Robert Mateusz Marciniak

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    HOMEWRECKER” is a stoneware ceramic piece as part of Robert's ongoing project called “JAWBREAKERS - BALLBREAKERS -

    HOMEWRECKERS”. The series of morphed solid heavy ball-shaped objects which were inspired by the tongue in cheek idea of demolition by all means. Homewreckers’ aesthetic simply comes from wrecking balls and the look of fallen wrecked industrial buildings.



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Anticlone Gallery inspires diverse audiences across the globe to discover Contemporary Art beyond the confines of physical spaces and but also through online platforms. Unlike stationary Galleries and museums defined by their permanent architecture, Anticlone Gallery intends to roam world wide from it's origins in London, to place to place showcasing Art that is un-cloneable." - SADE ENGLISH