Sade English

Sade English is a conceptual visual and wearable arts Artist, Designer, Independent Curator and Founder of Anticlone Gallery. Independent curation since 2013, both in Europe London, and later in Tokyo, Japan.

Sade English, is a cultural activists and an independent curator, creative director, artist and designer. Beginning with Sade English, this has influenced the The program’s focus of anticlone. Sade focuses on interdisciplinary Artists, specifically concept-oriented and space-based approaches in a variety of media including sculpture, video, sound, painting, photography and performance. independent conceptual visual Art and Design brand 'SADE ENGLISH' and concept, Anticlone. Anticlone is as a movement and concept explored through Art, Design, Performance, Photography and Film, the evolution is now ANTICLONE GALLERY. 



 Anticlone a concept which defines to not conform to suit society. The colour black is common throughout each collection, both visual and wearable works which is symbolic and plays homage to her (black) ancestry, Both African,  (Jamaican, Ghanaian, Nigerian, Benin,) and symbolic, Native American (Peruvian, Columbian).

Sade English Exhibitions are always independently curated. With 6 years curation exhibitions directing experience in London, as well as oversea's in Tokyo within a group exhibitions, the plan to curate and being her own gallery has been something in the works since 2017. Each Exhibition curated by Sade takes the viewer on a personal journey through multidisciplinary works, from painting, sculpture, photography, garment construction, film, and soundscapes. These personal factors that Sade represents as an artist is something which is represented within Anticlone Gallery.

Sade English's multi-disciplinary project frames her journey from her early 2000s until now

. Sade, as a young Black & Andean woman, witnessed the premature death of her Father figure Anthony Tony Mann and mother Marcia Elaine Byfield against the backdrop of a race war and a global pandemic; and it’s in moments of such unrest and sudden change, questions concerning identity percolate as we try to reestablish our purpose. This evolved Anticlone Gallery, In memory of her late Mother Marcia E Byfield.


Sade's foundations have always begun as an Artist first, however the evolution of her artistry has evolved to curate not only her own work, but also to be the director behind a movement self curated to platform others who embody the concept.

To not confirm to support society - Anticlone


"ANTICLONE GALLERY removes and blurs this terminology altogether, enabling the viewer or collector to appreciate Art for what it truly is and always has been, 

Expression." . 

- Sade English


86-90 Paul Street

© 2020 In memory of Marcia Elaine Byfield

for The Anticlone Movement.


"Anticlone Gallery, endeavours to platform and represent Artists that removes and blurs, the lines between established and emerging Artists. Anticlone Gallery is a conceptual, contemporary Art Gallery that operates online and nomadically. Anticlone Introduces a unique new realm and space to learn, buy and discover Anticlone Artists whilst witnessing and being apart of the evolution of contemporary Art and Design. 


Anticlone Gallery inspires diverse audiences across the globe to discover Contemporary Art beyond the confines of physical spaces and but also through online platforms. Unlike stationary Galleries and museums defined by their permanent architecture, Anticlone Gallery intends to roam world wide from it's origins in London, to place to place showcasing Art that is un-cloneable." - SADE ENGLISH