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Anna Mays

Anna Mays's work goes beyond the biological veil of the human body and explores the internal body through the lens of rapidly advancing technologies and medicine. As society becomes less active Mays questions and analyses how we are dependent on these technologies.


In response, Mays observes this lifestyle as a wedge between the human body and fear of the unknown. Mays responds to this through an amalgamation of mediums, fragmenting and abstracting the body to emphasise this sense of the unknown and ambiguity.




Anna May



Anna Mays is a visual artist from Dublin, Ireland based in London, UK. May studied Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton and graduated in 2020. Since graduating, Mays has done a three-month production residency at the Belfast Print Workshop.


The residency ended with her first solo show titled Disembodied. Mays pushes the boundaries of print, often using it to create installations and assemblages with unconventional materials. May thinks of print as an expanded field and believes that it plays an important part in contemporary art.



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Anna Mays




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Anna May 



May uses radiological and microscopic imagery to portray this digital realm. This digital approach creates a depersonalised and inorganic perception of the body to its viewer. The contrast between the organic and synthetic bodies is challenged through Mays printmaking and installation forcing sensory stimulus through vision and touch. Mays asks people to look past the physicality of the body and question what lies beyond its literal being




Anna May



"Mays is a multifaceted artist which is not limited to any boundaries. Mays works, combines both printmaking, digital and sculpture. This alone visually represents there are no limits on layering nor exploring different mediums to create a final visual presentation of her thought process.....


Mays' visually represents change, and multiple artists skills all combined. The unspoken rules of the arts educational system to enforce artists to specialise in one specific style or medium. With each of May's works, you can see why she is a part of Anticlone , as she does not conform to the limitations of society. Her works alone is a visual representation on non-conformity and a change that the Arts industry needs to embrace and accept." - Sade English

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