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HOURS & TIMEFRAME: Freelance (16hours Per Week) 3 months (potential extension of timeframe) 

Anticlone Gallery is seeking an independent, self-motivated and driven team player who has an understanding of the Arts and Design Sector whilst having an overall understanding of authentic brand values. All potential candidates should have an experience within the Arts, Arts & Design, Galleries, Museums, Media, Press and Interior Design. 

Anticlone Gallery being a few months old, is seeking a PR Specialist with existing Media contacts and relationships. The goal is to expand the clientele, gain press and widen the audience for Anticlone Gallery both online and offline. The focus being the concept of Anticlone, its founder, Artists and new online website and Shop. The PR Specialist, must promote and independently expand the Anticlone network, whilst focusing on Anticlone as Movement, Concept and Gallery.

Add (PR SPECIALIST) to the Subject and Attach: CV (and cover letter) & Attach a Cover letter including your personal PR Experience, making you best suited for the role.

- Experience with showcasing ability to grow audience for offline/online platforms companies, and brands

- Arts, branding & Design PR background

- Branding Values Experience

- Marketing Experience

- Arts & Design, Independent Brand Building and Interior Design Experience 

- Museums & Gallery Experience

- Press Package building

- Journalist & Writer Experience

- Trusted existing media relationships/contacts

- Ability to use initiative and  experience working with conceptual brands

- Previous Arts Gallery representation Experrience

- Ability to work from Home (Non Contact/Working from home and Remote working only role)


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