George Kanis: Artist Interview 002

George Kanis, an Athens based powerful yet vulnerabel Visual Artist, speaks with founder on the reality of the Arts industry. George speaks on both past, present and future, as well as what needs to change. Read more here...

Textures II

Alejandra Jamies: Artist Interview 003

Curator Sade English and Alejandra Jaimes have a one on one interview discussing the future of the Arts world. Read more here...

Conrad Armstrong: Artist Interview 004

An interview discussing the relationships between race, art and the future of Art as he sees it. Conrad Armstrong's interview showcases the Artists personal journey as an multidisciplinary Artist, from London to Lisbon, coming soon...

Conrad Armstrong

Multidisciplinary Artist Elika Bo, shares her lived experience within the Art's Industry. Elika talks of it being an exciting yet also somewhat demotivating space for an Artist wishing to not conform to suit society at times, read more here..

Founder and Artistic director of Anticlone Sade English, invites journalist Emanuel Marchal into her Home Studio to discuss Anticlone Gallery and the evolution of her journey and the Arts industry as she see’s it, read more...

Othello De'souza Hartley: Artist Interview 005

Othello De'souza Hartley, a Newley featured Artist to Anticlone Gallery, speaks with Founder Sade English on what Art, Identity, and the future of Black Artists looks like for 2021, coming soon..