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Founded in November 2020 ANTICLONE GALLERY was created in response to the lack of free conceptual public programmes and exhibits which platforms multidisciplinary Artist's; specifically individuals who do not conform to the Art's traditional conformed titles or pathways. The focus being to blur the lines between established VS emerging titles, whilst connecting all communities through Art and conversation. April 2023 is the first year where the founding Director and Curator Sade English is seeking additional support to enable the growth and longevity of ANTICLONE GALLERY, which is the the first British born: LatinX & Black owned Independent contemporary Art Gallery. 


ANTICLONE GALLERY has a current need for public donations and support due to the existence (since launching) being solely reliant and funded by Sade English's freelance and part time roles/positions; this creates limitations for the outreach, the consistency of public programmes, physical exhibitions and overall growth. The generosity and support of others in necessary more now than ever, as numerous independent galleries and platforms with a focus on platforming underrepresented communities have since taken a backward re-structure or sadly shut down post pandemic. There are multiple ways in which you can support, from Donations, Partnership and Patrons-hips. 


Your contributions will fundamentally transfer and enable the online presence to transfer to physical exhibitions consistently and champion the concept exclusivity of Art , Sade English's wider vision and both the concept and movement of ANTICLONE . 


Directly support ANTICLONE projects, Artists, exhibitions and public programmes. As a newly formed, independent gallery, your donation will help us continue to host, showcase and platform Artists. As It is a nomad in spirit, and independently self-funded, designed and created solely by Founder Sade English. Your contributions will fundamentally transfer and enable the online presence to transfer to physical exhibitions


Our Patrons are highly valued supporters of the Gallery whose generosity directly supports our future plans and programming. There are different levels at which you can become a Patron and embark on a journey of discovery with the ANTICLONE GALLERY. By becoming a Patron to ANTICLONE you will provide vital support towards physical exhibitions which encourages and promotes exclusivity, of  ANTICLONE Artists , some starting their art careers and some on their never ending journey, ANTICLONE both online and physical exhibitions continue to blur the lines between emerging and established artists. No matter how small or big a contribution is by our patrons, the contribution both supports and continues to enables all art to be seen, promoting continuous exchanges and encounters with both the public and art collectors. 


ANTICLONE welcomes other means of support including Partnerships with but not limited to; independent or commercial organisations, brands, charities, schools, institutions, arts organisations and more. We also welcome larger sponsorship opportunities from Patrons, philanthropists and art enthusiasts who align with our core beliefs and vales.

We like to discuss these Partnerships and Patron-ships on a case by case basis as we respect, acknowledge and celebrate that every organisation and individual is different. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we could collaborate, or how you could support us.

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