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Curated By Sade English


In association with Farmtv at William Blake House, Anticlone founding director Sade English showcases a group show like no other. Displayed during Frieze week in London and during black history month, The Diaspora is revealed during the most fitting time.

Josh Woolford - Unititled 1.JPG

William Blake House presents a second curation by Sade English. A curation of multidisciplinary artists; exploring raw expression through lived experience.  The Diaspora redefines & takes control of the narration and misconceptions of the term ‘the black artist’. Through movement direction, painting and photography. The Diaspora showcases and rejects limiting titles, taking control both in front and behind the lens. 

Showing from October 12th 2022 - 14th January 2023, Monday - Saturday from 9 - 6:30pm.

Location: 8 Marshall Street, London W1F 7EL,

Opening drinks reception: 6 - 8PM 

Entrance: FREE ENTRY, via appointments only.

To book to rsvp to drink, please email and to book to visit the exhibition add the time and date to attend, a confirmation email will follow.

Exhibiting works by: Othello De'Souza Hartley, Joshua Woolford, Fubu Nation, Sade English

Image from Left: Painting titled Untitled by Joshua Woolford and right: Photography by Othello De Souza Hartley.

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