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Freya Nash

Freya Nash is a London based mixed media artist. Her works are a visual representation of her thougths and exploration of the incomprehensible meaning of life.


The focus os Freya's work is human conditioning. Expressing what is felt and lived, into something tangible - depicting the distant, personal yet simultaneously shared experience , withing society, the world and beyond.




Tracing Veins II, 

Mixed Media,


Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 14.34.17.png

Colouring Shadows

Mixed Media,



"The soft yet dark contrast of colours embodies both darkenss and light throughout Freya's works. Each piece though not singular in components, visually represents both society and human mindset through each stroke, throuhgout each layer; from fabric, paint and canvas."

- Sade English

Taking inspiration from dreams, internal reflection and reading-based theory is the root from which her weaving of explorations of selfhood and existence together begins. This coupled with the articulation of internal essence through whispers and gestures of varying mediums gives rise to work that emits sentiment and nostalgia.




Mixed media 



Nothingness out of which everything comes ,

Mixed Media,


The way she create my work has no fixed structure as she leans from creating deeply considered, reflective pieces to perforative and spontaneous expressions. Primal gestures using fingers and hands are coupled with the control and precision of the brush and needle. This dynamic balance of opposites within the work is used to convey the tension created when marking boundaries of intimacy and revelation


Seven Skins,

Mixed media ,


There is no sense of right or wrong between artworks, no hierarchy as the chaos and refinery paradoxically conflict and compliment. This mirrors the way in which humans respond
to life, emotions and decisions - the absurd complexity of
what it means to be human and navigate the world around us.


Carnal energy and impulse meets meticulous, thoughtful detail, mirroring the precarious balance within. Representing thus which boarders the conscious and unconscious, absence and presence; the oscillation of the soul. 


Lust for Annihiliation,

Mixed Media,


Freya Nash.png

Fragile Bodies,

Mixed Media,


Freya's practice is  emphasis on the visceral, both literally and figuratively. Fluctuating between oil painting, digital art and mixed-media processes she explores both the abject internal body and raw, base emotion.


Constantly blurring these boundaries between inside and outside she brings to light what often remains inside. These abstract pieces work to convey a juxtaposition between the violence of the internal body and depth of emotion, whilst revealing the beauty and sensuality of it. 


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