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Lessons in Love | Jo Cope | 2018 - leather with full length zip. 2 x double ended shoes | Limited edition of 10.


Measurments: 120cm L x10cm W x 20 H

(Handcrafted made to order, approx 8 weeks, limited edition of 10 pieces.)


Open to Negotioable enquires, or  more information please email


Crossing the boundaries of Fashion, Art, Craft and Performance Jo's work draws inspiration from universal human experiences, psychology, philosophy and social trends. 


For over a decade her work has been represented at a diverse range of prestigious events worldwide; including the Venice Biennale Design Festival, London Craft Week and Fashion Matters at Buckingham Palace. Her unique shoe artworks have been exhibited internationally at top museums including: The Budapest Museum of Art, State Museum Russia and Decorative Arts Museum Paris. 


Jo classes her work as focused on 'The Human Side of Fashion' she believes that clothing is not just an extension of the body but of the inner self. 



Lessons in love : JO COPE

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