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Identity and exploration of the self


The Building Takeover


Sade English, both founding director and curator at Anticlone Gallery presents ‘The Takeover’. In association with Newington Green Meeting House and the National Lottery heritage fund. ‘The Takeover’ compiles a varied immersive, interactive and multidisciplinary public programme; Centering a month-long exhibit curated by Sade English , titled ‘Identity, explorative of the self’.

Focusing on the growing collection of transformative multidisciplinary artists; the takeover gives an insight to Anticlone, an independent and self funded platform founded by Sade English, in November 2020. Taking over, quite literally all three floors of the 17th century listed nonconformist buildings previously known for being a hub for political radicalism for over 300 years. This will be the second takeover, since its successful launch at Soho House, White city, London in May 2022.

Newington Green’s building will be entirely and literally ‘taken-over’ by Anticlone, with unique commissions, performances, panelled talks , artist-open studios, film screening and workshops free for the public and local community, which is necessary, as founder states, enabling art to be inclusive and accessible for all people is essential

Anticlone consistently platforms and illustrates Sade’s dedication to the independent artist, and supports the importance of ongoing conversions within the arts industry, specifically the Artist who do not conform to pre-existing genres or movements. Independently curated by Sade herself, the takeover features eight artists within the Anticlone collection. Artists included; Alejandra Jaimes, Anna Mays, Conrad Armstrong, Freya Nash, Joshua Woolford, Krissie Marie Heliodore, Melanie Christine, Parma Ham.

“Accessible arts and culture events and safe spaces were crucial as a child, even more so if it were whilst growing up in working class and minority-led communities. As an Andean-Jamaican child from pre-gentrified Peckham, free programmes enabled both myself and many others to explore, express and imagine endless possibilities. I am a product of this, therefore I intend to continue to create programmes that brings together and engages all people. - Sade English