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Black Light Theater


Anticlone Takeover III


Anticlone Gallery Presents ‘Black + Light Theater,The Takeover III ’, In partnership with Mandrake for Frieze Week London, from 9th-October - 15th October 2023. Anticlone presents a week-long program of events that showcases multidisciplinary Avant-garde Artists specialising in sound, performance, moving images and installations. The Takeover III, invites you to an overall Anticlone immersive experience, inspired by the Anticlone concept that has evolved to become a movement and gallery which holds an unparalleled selection of unique, non-conformist Artists and creatives. 


Anticlone founding Director, Artist, and Curator Sade English invites her first co-curator Maria Abramenko, since launching in November 2020. ‘Black Light Theatre, The Takeover III’ for the first time invites and welcomes external Artists to quite literally take over The Mandrake Theater as well as showcase alongside the Anticlone collection and archive curated by Sade and Maria. Each Artist involved is unique in their own right, and collectively powerfully aligned through embodying the Anticlone non-conformist concept.


Alongside the theater programme, there will be a new curation of artworks installed within the walls of The Mandrake; Exploring both Black, Light, and Identity within their works, The title, takes homage to ‘Black light theater’; from French avant-garde directors from the 1950s; Artists will explore the use of black box theater augmented by white light and black light illusions. 

Stressing the importance of the value of expression without these established and emerging titles. Anticlone Gallery removes and blurs the terminology altogether, enabling the viewer and collector to appreciate Art for what it truly is, expression. Artists included are Alban Adam, Chad Curry, Edoardo Dionea Cicconi, Gaika, Joshua Woolford, Krissie Marie Heliodore, Lulu Wang, Marie Sauvage, Othello De'Souza Hartley, and Sade English.


MONDAY 9th - Krissie Marie Helioder 
TUESDAY 10th - Othello De'Souza Hartley

WEDNESDAY 11th - Parma Ham
THURSDAY 12th - Chad Curry
FRIDAY 13th - Alban Adam

SATURDAY 14th - Gaika

SUNDAY 15th - Marie Sauvage

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